what am i doing —
daria; "you sleep with your limbs dangling off your bed to let the monsters know you're willing"


what's good


daria; i'm 16, i don't like cilantro, and i'm trying my best


Vera Wang S/S 2015 RTW @ NYFW


Vera Wang S/S 2015 RTW @ NYFW

Star Signs Aries:says weird shit but makes you laugh soemhow
Taurus:makes posts on fb that make them seem like an old person
Gemini:way too excited abt everything
Cancer:acts like tough shit but they rly a kitten w/ insecurities
Leo:everyone loves them
Virgo:loves puns (new years sex)
Libra:cutie with a booty
Scorpio:attention seeking loser
Sagittarius:hottie that makes gr9 jokes
Capricorn:thinks they know everything
Aquarius:blackmails everyone
Pisces:overly friendly
Negative Perceptions


ENTP- Too unrealistic/ uncommitted
INTP- Lost inside of their head too often
INTJ- Too apathetic about people
ENTJ- Too controlling
ENFP- Too talkative
INFP- Can’t decide what they want
INFJ- Too quiet
ENFJ- Too sensitive
ESTP- Self-contradicting
ISTP- Too focused on improving things they can come off as ungrateful
ISTJ- Perfectionist
ESTJ- Too dependent on structure
ESFP- Arrogant
ISFP- Too clingy
ISFJ- Too paranoid/ stressed
ESFJ- Think they always know what’s right

Astrid Berges Frisbey for Stephen Holt Show.


 "L’instant" : Astrid Bergès Frisbey

Astrid Berges Frisbey portrait by Michael Friberg.
Astrid Berges Frisbey portrait by Michael Friberg.
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